Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday, 7 February 2011

Steve McQeen's '67 Baja Boot

Steve first raced the Baja Boot in the 'Stardust 7-11' off-road race in June 1968. A gruelling 320 mile odyssey for both cars and motorbikes, the race started at the Stardust raceway in Las Vegas, Nevada, and ran across the potentially lethal Amargosa desert. Friend and fellow racer Bud Ekins was also with Steve in the Baja Boot in the role of rider-navigator.

The Hurst Baja Boot was envisioned by Vic Hickey who was regarded as one of General Motors top engineers of the time. GM had a “no racing” policy in place that initially stopped any plans of producing the Baja. But under the shadow of darkness, Hickey and Drino Miller completed the Baja Boot in 26 days at the Hurst facility in Michigan.


the green house by kyung woo han

Korean artist Kyung Woo Han's approach is to mess with perception and illusions. This installation called 'the green house' sums up his approach pretty well. A very simple (and possibley not the most original) idea but the effect is brilliant. The video helps explain what's goin on more. via

Works by Dan Grayber

Love these little mechanical curiosities from artisit Dan Grayber's new show on display in Oakland, at Johansson Projects. It features an ingenious collection of spring-loaded devices that play on ideas of architecture, tension, mechanics, and space. Via