Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Valentin Loellmann Benches and Stools

Furniture designer Valentin Loellmann will be showing a new collection of stools and benches as part of an exhibition starting in April at Galerie Gosserez in Paris. To produce the Fall/Winter furniture, Loellmann used mortise and tenon joints to connect hazel branches to an oak top. A mixture of sawdust and glue was used to smooth over the connections, producing a seamless, organic form. The legs were then burned and treated with wax, resulting in an interesting visual contrast between the smooth, light top and the matte black legs.

Friday, 25 March 2011

More Nice Things From Rupert Blanchard

Bus cabinet BC01
Made from decommissioned, scrapped aluminium sections of a London bus, salvaged window handles, reclaimed plywood hoardings, metal base and steel top surface. One of two variations made.
via Styling and Salvage

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pick Me Up Exhibition 2011- Somerset House.

Ace graphic art fair down Somerset House. The exhibition showcases some of the brightest illustrators, artists and graphic designers around and with a number of organised events due over the course of the fair. The exhibition was designed by Mr Michael Marriet and Anthony Burrill. Check it out.

Good Day Sunshine.

Brilliant Blues.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

You know it makes sense

Happy St Paddy's day by Paddy M


Britain's reggae community burned their illusions a long time ago but right across the spectrum there is wave of shock at the way David Emmanuel, best known as Smiley Culture, died from "self-inflicted" stab wounds during a police raid on his home in Surrey on Tuesday.
Back in 1984, Smiley Culture bounced into the nation's consciousness with Cockney Translation and its Top 20 follow up Police Officer – a graphic tale of how he was arrested for possession of "ganja", but evaded prosecution when recognised as the reggae artist who did "the Cockney Translator".

Happy St Paddy's day!