Saturday, 19 January 2013

Spitalfields Life: John Claridge’s Boxers (Round Ten)

Via Spitalfields Life

Contributing Photographer John Claridge and I were back at the first London Ex-Boxers Association gathering of the New Year to add to John's mighty roster of  heroic pugilists which now stands at well over one hundred portraits. We have encountered so many redoubtable characters and made so many new friends, and here you see the results of John's most recent encounters with these dignified gentlemen of the boxing fraternity.

Paul Watford (First fight 1966 – Last Fight 1973)

Joe Somerville (111 fights between 1955 – 1969)

Harold Alderman MBE (LEBA Boxing Historian & Schoolboy Boxer)

Tom Ballinger (First fight 1952 – Last fight 1961)

Harry Scott (First fight 1960 – Last fight 1973)

Robbie Davis (First fight 1950 – Last fight 1961)

Alex Dunning (First fight 1953 – Last fight 1950, Royal Navy Champion 1956)

Reg Baker (First fight 1944 – Last fight 1945)

Photographs copyright © John Claridge

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